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Acacia catechu, black catechu

Botanical names: Acacia catechu, Senegalia catechu, Acacia wallichiana, Mimosa catechu, Acacia catechuoides, Acacia sundra, Mimosa catechuoides Fabaceae
Common names
English: catechu, cachou, cutchtree, black cutch, black catechu
Spanish: catechu, cato
French: acacia à cachou, cachoutier
German: Gerber-Akazie, Katechu-Akazie, Katechu
Active constituents: flavonoid, tannin, DMT and other tryptamines in leaf, bark

Acacia catechu
Acacia catechu
illustration from Koehler's medicinal plants

black catechu
black catechu
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