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Areca catechu, betel palm

Botanical names: Areca catechu, Areca faufel, Areca hortensis, Areca cathechu, Sublimia areca, Areca himalayana, Areca nigra, Areca macrocarpa, Sublimia areca Arecaceae
Common names
English: areca palm, areca nut palm, areca nut tree, betel palm, Indian nut, Pinang palm
Spanish: palma de betel
French: palmier à bétel, aréquier
German: Betelnusspalme, Betelpalme, Katechupalme oder Arekapalme
Active constituents: arecoline, arecaidine, tannins

Areca catechu, betel palm
Areca catechu, betel palm
illustration from Koehler's medicinal plants

areca nut, betel nuts
areca nut, betel nuts
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